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MiMojo - we are storytellers like you
About Us

MiMojo was founded by video professionals to solve pain points in our own mobile workflows. We are videographers, editors, producers, journalists, archivists, and media technology experts. We know that for content creators, technology can’t get in the way. That’s why we designed an intuitive, user-focused app that’s compatible with limitless workflows, media platforms, and marketplaces.

Our Mission

We believe that when upload is done right, it makes everyone’s life easier downstream. That creates more options to boost speed to market, increase usage, and grow ROI by preserving the full resolution files for the long-term. We also like leveraging cloud services like transcoding and AI to streamline workflows and minimize costs.

If you can’t tell, we are allergic to friction points and we love video. We like to get to the fun part fast. Doesn’t everyone?

MiMojo - the easy way to send and receive mobile video professionaly
MiMojo - the easy way to send and receive mobile video professionaly
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A veteran of the New York independent film scene, Mick's work spans broadcast, news, agency, and corporate video. In the early 2010s, he was at the forefront of the DSLR revolution, training countless photojournalists how to shoot video and developing ways for companies to create new streams of revenue from that content. He helped put the first broadcast MAM in the cloud as Founder/CEO of Clippn and has been a pioneer in cloud editing and remote workflows. 

Mick’s philanthropic work revolves around setting up film programs from Rome to New York to introduce youths to the joys and magic of filmmaking. He has also been active in supplying and training video journalists in Ukraine.

Mick Reed Founder MiMojo

Mick Reed


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Glen Mulcahy is an internationally recognized media trainer and technology innovator, best known for his contributions to the field of mobile journalism. A native of Ireland, Mulcahy’s experience in broadcast spans two decades beginning in the 1990s with the newly launched Irish language TV station, TG4. He later joined the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ, where he worked as a manager in the news technology team before moving to the role of Head of Innovation.

In 2007, Glen saw the potential of smartphones for mobile journalism, and he later founded the mobile journalism conference, RTÉ MojoCon. The event quickly became a global gathering of journalists, broadcasters, and technologists interested in exploring the possibilities of mobile journalism. After leaving RTÉ in 2017 Glen established MojoFest, a technology and innovation festival that brings together experts from various industries to share insights on the latest developments in the field of mobile journalism and pro content creation.

Glen is regarded as a thought leader and pioneer in the field of mobile innovation and continues to inspire and mentor journalists around the world.

Glen Mulcahy Co-Founder MiMojo

Glen Mulcahy

Co-Founder/Chief Mojo

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